The service opportunities


  • There is no limits on number of accounts for a single user.
  • There is no rigid binding of the account to a specific IP or PC during autosurf.
  • Safely surfing is provided by VirtualBox and sandbox.
  • Earned credits can be spent to perform your own tasks in the service or sell another user either directly or through automatic exchanges.

Task performing

  • It is possible to create more then 9 thousands tasks within single account. Unlimited number of accounts.
  • It is possible to set the clicks on the mask.
  • Customizable time of task performing from 10 to 900 секунд.
  • Customizable time interval of IP uniqueness.
  • It is possible to set the time of browsing indicating any path of visiting.
  • Daily and weekly targeting.
  • It is possible to filter traffic:
    • white and black lists of IP
    • IP proxy
    • static/dynamic IP
  • It is possible to specify daily growth

Scripts execution

Below is just a small part of all the opportunities, to learn more - click the link

  • Searching of any element on the page
  • Filling of the form fields
  • Ability to perform JS, JQuery
  • Captcha recognition
  • Working with browser tabs
  • e.t.c.

Service facilities

The cost of service facilities is calculated in units called «credits». Course 1000 credits = 1 RUB.

Name Price / Earnings Brief description
Autosurf earnings from 2 credits for single completed task Automatic performing of tasks (surfing) of other users using a special application
Task performing earnings from 4 credits for single completed task Task is performed by other users in autosurf
Scripts execution earnings from 4 credits for single execution Execution of the script specified in task is carried by other users in autosurf

Service tools

Services Link Description
Manager http://mv3.waspace.net Task Manager - task managing in the account
ESGenerator http://esg.waspace.net Creating and editing an external data source file. At the moment, the available functional is not full.