Daily growth


Daily growth - is the quantity by which to increase or decrease the number of the daily task executions, without changing of the daily targeting.


Min value Max value
-100% 100%

Specified as a percentage, you can use fractional and negative values​​.


Taken into account when calculating the growth number of days of task working. Calculation formula has the form:

A' = A+(A*S*p)/100%

, where

  • A' - values of daily targeting aking into account daily growth
  • A - the original values ​​of the daily targeting
  • S - number of days of task working
  • p - daily growth value

If the result is a fractional value, it is rounded to an integer.


  1. Parameters
    1. Daily growth: «5%»
    2. Daily growth: «-1.2%»
  2. Conditions
    1. number of days of task working: 15; daily targeting
    2. number of days of task working: 8; daily targeting
  3. Results