The task resources restrictions

While performing any task there are restrictions on resource consumption of the surfer's machine:

  • no more than 700 MHz of the equivalent of CPU frequency
  • no more than 400 MB of physical memory (RAM)

Amount of consumed resources is calculated in general for all processes (the basic process and the process for each tab and executing plugin) of task .

The basic process (waagent.exe)

Resources, reserved for the basic process:

  • 200MHz of CPU frequency equivalent
  • 150Mb of physical memory

If the basic process will consume more resources than it was reserved, the task will be finished and will display in the statistics as aborted.

Additional processes (wasub.exe)

Resources, reserved for all additional processes (tabs, plagins):

  • 500 MHz of CPU frequency equivalent
  • 250Mb of physical memory

If additional processes in general will consume more resources than they have available, then the most severe of these processes will canceled in course. This will continue as long as the consumption of resources will not come back to normal. Software will continue with the task, which eventually will be marked as completed.