Returns the text of the letter in accordance with the specified parameters.


function GetEMail(aHost: string; aUser: string; aPassword: string;
    aContains: string; aDelete: bolean; aIndex: integer): string;


  • aHost
    • type: string
    • functions: pop3 mail server address
  • aUser
    • type: string
    • functions: user name
  • aPassword
    • type: string
    • functions: user password
  • aContains
    • type: string
    • functions: text included in the body or subject of the letter
  • aDelete
    • type: boolean
    • functions: flag indicating whether to delete a letter
  • aIndex
    • type: integer
    • functions: index of the received letter from found

Returned value

  • type: string
  • functions: text of the received letter


  1. //Get the first letter containing waspace test and delete it
    var emailtext := GetEmail('','user','pass','waspace test',true,0);