User agreement

Thank you for using the service WaspAce (hereinafter - the «Servis»). User Agreement (hereinafter - «the Agreement» or «Terms») states the terms and conditions, according to which the Service provides access to the service.

Starting to use the services of the Service, You are agree to the terms of this Agreement. In case of disagreement, you should refrain from using the services.

  1. General provisions.
    1. Providing services for use. In accordance with the terms and conditions of this Agreement and provided to your compliance with the provisions of this Agreement, Service provides the use of its services in the non-commercial purposes. Use of this service for other purposes or by other means is prohibited.
    2. Necessary requirements. Before using the Service you must: read, accept and agree to these Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy on the website; and register for an account on the Service (hereinafter - the «Account»).
    3. Changing provisions of the Agreement. Provisions of the Agreement may be modified by publishing on the service website at any moment without additional notice of the users.
  2. Access to the Service.
    1. Creation of the Account. Access to the services, you must create account.To create an account it is required to enter a valid email address of user, login and password (collectively referred to as «Registration data»). You agree to provide accurate and complete information to the Service on demand . Prohibited from disclosing information about the account and your Registration data, except as provided in the Privacy Policy.
    2. Providing services. Access to services is granted provided to you have an account and sufficient means of internal currency(hereinafter - «credits» or «funds») on the balance, if necessary. Details on the internal currency can be found at special page.
  3. Termination the using of the services of Service.
    1. Refusal of services. The user has the right at any time to stop using the services of the Service by discontinuing any use.
    2. Suspension of services. With a lack of funds on the account balance provision of services is automatically terminated and resumes when you receive a credit to the balance.
    3. Blocking access to services. User's account may be blocked by the administration of service in case of violation of the provisions of this Agreement at any time without notice.
  4. Responsibilities of the parties.
    1. Prohibited from violating the law. You acknowledge that you will not violate any laws and regulations in connection with the use of the Service. Without limiting the foregoing, you confirm that you will not use them for distribution any materials or information, infringing copyrights, trademarks, patents, trade secrets and other rights of any person (including the right to privacy or publicity).
    2. Prohibition of the data retrieve. You confirm that you will not obtain or attempt to obtain any information about the services by the method not expressly authorized by the Service.
    3. Abuse of the Service. Forbidden to abuse services and misuse of software, including attacks such as «denial of service» (DDoS-attacks), any other means of disrupting the Service or Internet resources of others; attempt to gain non authorized access to the Service, Other user accounts or computer systems or networks connected to the Service.
  5. Software. Due to improve the products and services you may be required to download and install software updates(hereinafter - «Software») of the service, installed on your computer. You agree that the Service may update services, including software on your computer, notice to you or without notice.
  6. Limitations and conditions of use.
    1. Account. Whatever the provisions of this document to the contrary You confirm that you will not have a proprietary or other property interest in account, and agree that all the rights for the Account are belong to the Service.
    2. Transfering of Accounts. Forbidden to acquire, sell, donate or exchange, and offer to acquire, sell, donate or exchange any Account.
    3. Denial prohibition. Failure to comply by us of any provision of this Agreement should not be construed as a rejection of this provision in the present or in the future, and does not deprive any party's right to demand implementation of each provision later. Expressed by us refusal to implement any provision, conditions or requirements of the Terms of Use not constitute a waiver of future obligations to follow these provisions, conditions and requirements.
    4. Additional restrictions.
      1. Forbidden to create or use hacks, modifications and any other third-party software designed to modify the services and software.
      2. Forbidden to allow others to use your service account .
      3. Prohibited from changing or allow changes to any files that are the part of the services by the Service unauthorized manner.
    5. Disclaimers.
      1. The service is provided on the principle «as there is» and «if there» without any express or implied warranties, including without limitation of warranty of merchantability and fitness for a particular purposes, property rights, patent clearance and other, related to the distribution or sale, waranties. We make no warranties for ability to access or use of services at any time or from any location of Your choice, smooth operation of the services or the absence of the errors, correction of defects, and the lack in the service or in the software of viruses or other harmful components.
      2. We are not responsible for any delay of implemintation or non-implemintation of obligations due to causes beyond the control of the Service, including without limitation, the inability to implement the provisions of this document due to unforeseen circumstances or reasons such as natural disasters, war, terrorism, riots, embargoes, acts of civil or military authorities, fires, floods, accidents, strikes, transportation problems, and lack of fuel, energy, labor or materials.