The task execution

Execution status

  • Completed - is the number of successfully completed assignments.
  • Not completed. task hasn't been done, since the element on this mask was not found and was not clicked.
  • Canceled — the task performing is canceled if limit load while performing the task was exceeded.

Factors affecting the tasks issue

  • Size of IP range in the subnet. The higher the value - the more IP addresses will be in the same subnet, and hence the lower the number of IP addresses can perform the task, and vice versa: the lower the value of subnet range, the more IP addresses can perform the task.
  • Time of IP uniqueness - time during which the IP-address of the subnet will not be used to perform the task, after the previous execution.
  • Proxy ban
  • Static IP ban. The task performing only from dynamic IP.
  • Geotargeting. When setting the geotargeting and the range of allowed IP addresses must take into account the specified percentage of execution for specified country and a range of IP-addresses(they should be equivalent).

For example the percentage of completion from Russia=80%, and from Ukraine=20%, with a range of IP addresses of Ukraine more than Russia. With these parameters, the task performing will be delayed, as the amount of IP-addresses of Russia to be insufficient.

  • Filter on IP lists
  • Global uniqueness