The logs of surfing

To view the log file of the current running copy of software is necessary: open the link of embedded server, which is specified in the software interface (for example, click on GetLog.

Events of log


Agent (waagent):

  • Stop Task - the task's processing is aborted.
    • Incorrect screen parameters - - incorrect parameters of the display.
    • Test #1 failed; Can't connect to local proxy on <localproxyaddress> - - it is impossible to connect to the local proxy <proxy address>.
    • Test #2 failed; JavaScript is not working correct - JavaScript is not working properly
    • Test #3 failed; JavaScript screen parameters are incorrect - wrong settings of JavaScript monitor..
    • Test #4 failed; Mouse emulation working incorrect - - Emulation cursor movement is not working properly.
    • Test #5 failed; System screen parameters are incorrect - wrong settings of the System Monitor.
    • Test #6 failed; Incorrect environment - incorrect environment.
    • Test #7 failed; Incorrect execution time - incorrect runtime.
    • Wrong Wasppacer response - an incorrect response of the Wasppacer.
    • Wrong Wasppacer response #n - an incorrect response of the Wasppacer #n.
  • Task Done - the task is completed.

Can't send report

Report is not sent:

  • Connection to server failed. Retry in 10 sec - Unable to connect to server. Resending after 10 sec.



  • Undefined error - Unknown error.

Interrupt task

The task is aborted:

  • Resources overloded [MHertz usage: <mhzusage>; PMem usage: <pmemusage>; VMem usage: <vmemusage>].

Kill process

Process is stopped:

  • Lost control - control of the process has been lost.
  • Resources overloaded - the task requires a lot of resources (more than normal).
  • Task done - the task is completed

No task

Unable to get a task:

  • Blocked by AntiDOS - - antidos has been loaded.
  • Connection to server failed - unable to connect to the server.
  • Need change WA node - it is necessary to choose another server.
  • Need update - an update is required.
  • Wrong server response - invalid server response.

Report declined by server

Report declined by server:

  • Obscure error - error is unknown.
  • Report parameter #<paramnum> is not valid - - report parameter # <parameter number> is incorrect.

Skip task

Skip task:

  • Incorrect environment - an incorrect environment: it is necessary to download the full software package
  • Kaspersky anti-banner detected - - antibanner of the Kaspersky antivirus has been detected.
  • Need more «MHertz». «MHertz» available: <availablemhertz> - more MHz is required.
  • Need more memory. Available mem: <availablemem> - more memory is required.
  • Need more virtual memory. Available virt mem: <availablevirtmem> - more virtual memory is required.

Task accepted

Task accepted:

  • Start execution. Max lifetime: <maxlifetime> - …

Task done

Task is done:

  • Credits earned: <creditsearned> - earned credits: <number of earned credits>.

Task stop

The task processing has been aborted:

  • Can't start process - it is impossible to run the process.