The profile storage


The profile storage - a set of tables in the database MySQL.


  • If you specify the address for the profile storage in the task, then while it's execution the upgrading data will be read from this storage, and after execution will be sent to this store. Thus, upgrading will not depend on parameters of surfer environment.
  • If the task does not use the profile storage,then upgrading will be stored, as before, by the surfer.
  • For surfer the task performing with the profile storage will mean, that in calculating the credits for the execution, level of upgrade will be ignored (will be considered equal 100%).

Why do you need the profile storage.

Storage profiles are needed for webmaster to keep upgrading, by desire (surfer cookies for the certain task execution) in the place, independent on surfers. This can be useful to those for whom upgrading is critical, for example, when upgrading profile to stabilize statistics of LiveInternet or other counters.

Storage of profiles regardless of the surfer is more reliable, as many surfers work through virtual machine or sandbox, and in this case, often the data on upgrading is not saved . In addition, upgrading will not be canceled due to incorrect software update.

How to start using of the profile storage.

To start using the profile storage you must install the storage script on your site. For this purpose it is necessary to download on this link, place anywhere on the hosting and running in a browser install.php. Follow the instructions.

It may be noted that for the profile store is suitable both the existing database and re-created.