Profile - a collection of information about the visitor that can be used to create a specific audience in tasks performing.

How to use profile?

Suppose that we need to make our website visited by audience interested in the topic of forex. Then we can proceed as follows::

  1. Choose several sites related to the topic of forex
  2. We select those that have a required counter (LI,metric, etc.)
  3. Create a task to visit for each site
  4. Set for each task the same profile. For example, «forex» (profile name does not matter)
  5. Configure each task to the minimum parameters. The main thing that they were enough to load the site.
  6. Configuring our main task and set to it the same profile.

Now we have on our website visitors who visit the sites for which we have set up the tasks. In addition, our site will have users refunds and possibly demographics.

Global profiles

Work on the following principle: any profile with the prefix G_ considered as global, i.e., these profiles are common to all users, using such profiles. Register is significant.

List of global profiles:

  • Auto - G_AUTO
  • Business - G_BUSINESS
  • Warez - G_WAREZ
  • Home, etc. - G_HOME
  • Women subjects - G_WOMEN
  • Dating - G_DATING
  • Games - G_GAMES
  • Movie - G_MOVIE
  • Cookery - G_COOKERY
  • Medicine - G_MEDICINE
  • Men subjects - G_MEN
  • Music - G_MUSIC
  • Realty - G_REALTY
  • News - G_NEWS
  • Entertainment - G_ENTERTAINMENT
  • Hunting, Fishing - G_FISHING
  • Building - G_BUILDING
  • Torrents - G_TORRENTS
  • Forex - G_FOREX
  • Humor - G_HUMOR
  • Without topic - G_OTHER
  • Transport - G_TRANSPORT
  • Seo - G_SEO
  • Astrology, UFOs, mysticism, etc. - G_NEPOZNANNOE
  • Sport and Health - G_HEALTH
  • Computers and hardware - G_COMPUTERS
  • Mobiles and Gadgets - G_GADGETS
  • Erotic, etc. - G_ADULT
  • Travel and Tourism - G_TRAVEL

Profile while surfing

Profile data for a particular user while surfing are removed after the transition the link (if the task is set to click) by this user.


  1. Parameters
    1. There are two tasks T1 and T2 with the same profile.
  2. Conditions
    1. Tasks performed by two surfers S1 and S2.
    2. In external source for both tasks are given two user-agent U1 and U2.
    3. Surfer S1 performs task T1 with user-agent U1.
  3. Execution
    1. Page is loaded, it is loaded with counters and leave their cookies. The system writes the resulting cookies, noting that they belong profile profile, of such and such a user, while performing the task by surfer S1 and applied user-agent U1. Now, when the same surfer S1 gets task T2, the system checks whether the user has got agent U1, and if so, the system will issue saved from that time cookies to perform this task. If the user performing the task get an agent U2, then it is written their own cookies, which will be issued the next time the task T1 or T2 has got with the corresponding user-agent.
  4. Result
    1. Thus it turns out a lot of different users using different browsers, but all of them are regular visitors of our website, as well as those sites that are configured with the same task profile.
  5. Cookies are not transferred between surfers S1 and S2.