Use the goods of a service can only registered accounts. Registration requires a unique username and your e-mail address at which you will be sent instructions to confirm registration. Initialization account after registration takes place at the beginning of the next hour.

Access recovery

If you forgot the password to your account, you can use the password recovery form in the manager. Enter the email address you provided at registration and if it is correct, this address will be sent instructions to repair control of your account.

Account balance

Mutual settlements while using service goods made ​​using conventional units, called «credits.» Course 1 rub. = 1000 WaspAce credits.

To recharge the balance of your WaspAce account you have to transfer the required amount of WMR to the system purse(R373445998247). In the note, you must provide an email address which is connected with replenished account. In the note should be only email address.Any additional symbol, lack of symbol or misspelling of address eliminates the possibility of transfer processing.

Profile settings

  1. Credits purchase
  2. Credit transfer to another user
  3. Change profile password
  4. Guest key

Creation of the task